“I am an ordinary man who  worked hard to develop the talent I was given.”

Muhammad Ali

How was the Lighthouse program born?

When Business & Community Networker foundation was born in 2012 as an organization, the initial objective was to support young Hispanic residents in the United States, with scholarships for their higher education.

However, over time we realized that despite their desire to progress, many of these young people did not know themselves, and most of them chose their university career based on “what they liked.” 

So they ended up stagnant, losing interest even when they were, already incorporated into the labor field, frustrated with the careers they had chosen.

After extensive research among the young people nearby, we discovered that the real problem was that they leave high school on their way to adult life:

In total ignorance of what their life purpose is, and how to take advantage of their innate abilities and skills.

Basing their choice of college career on what “attracts” them, or what they think “is good.”

In conclusion, we determined that scholarships to study a university career was not enough.

We had to help them discover themselves as mystics!

This is how the program was born…

Lighthouse, discovering my gifts and talents.

What are the objectives of the Lighthouse program?

Helping and guiding young people; with entrepreneurial will and leadership spirit, in ages between 16 and 21 years, through mentoring, coaching and practical exercises with specialized software;  to achieve:

  • Find out what their purpose is.
  • Develop the skills and talents they possess according to their personality.
  • Which professional areas their skills and talents can be maximized.
  • Confirm how compatible their talents are with the profession they want to practice in the future.

Over time we have seen that this program gives them access to better opportunities and makes a big difference in the lives of these young people.

What is the Lighthouse Program like?


Start with one-on-one mentoring, to get to know young people and provide them with personalized tools.


Then, with the guidance of a coach, a methodology is designed specifically for each one.


Then specialized software and practical exercises are applied, to discover their purpose and what they are really good at.


As a final step, they move on to the foundation’s third program, “Exploring Program, knowing my areas of work interest.”

For a young high school student the entire program can last approximately four to six months.

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